Beautiful And Unique Muslim Girl Names For Your Baby ( 1 To 50 )

 Muslims structure an enormous piece of the total populace and have the absolute loveliest names. In spite of the fact that there are various sections among Muslims, a few customs are normal for all. One such is the child naming custom. A child is named on the seventh day after birth, and the child's hair is likewise shaved on this day. 

Muslims accept that they are called by their names on the Day of atonement, thus the child names must be significant, lovely, and great. No big surprise their names are charming to the ear. 

In this post, we have arranged a rundown of delightful and remarkable Muslim young lady names for your child. 

Mainstream Muslim baby grls Names With Implications 

1. A'dab: 

A wonderful name, A'dab signifies Mean (Hope & need) in Arabic. It sounds pretty present day and is appropriate for families searching for a stylish name. 

2. Aabidah: 

Aabidah signifies mean (worshipper) in Arabic. It's anything but a customary name and is ideal for strict families. 

3. Aa'eedah: 

Aa'eedah is a lilting child female name, signifying 'returning or reward.' The 'ah' finishing gives it a delicate touch. 

4. Aafia: 

Aafia is one of the mainstream names among Muslim young lady names. It signifies 'sound,' 'delightful,' or 'kind.' 

 5. Aafreeda: 

This is another mainstream Muslim name with an Arabic beginning. It signifies 'make' or 'produce.' 

6. Aafreen: 

This name began from the Persian language and is a famous name in the Center East. Aafreen signifies 'delightful,' 'exquisite,' or 'astonishing.' 

7. Aakifah: 

Aakifah signifies 'a lady who devotes her life for Allah' or 'a woman who reveres Allah in isolation.' 

8. Aaleyah: 

Aaleyah is a decent turn on the now normal name Aaliyah. It signifies 'commended or most noteworthy social standing.' 

9. Aamina: 

Aamina is gotten from Arabic and signifies 'reliable.' There is additionally an Islamic conviction that it is Prophet Muhammad's mom's name. 

10. Aamira: 

The name Aamira began from the Urdu language and signifies 'prosperous,' and 'brimming with life.' 

11. Aasma: 

Aasma is a great name with a fascinating significance – 'phenomenal'. Isn't it grave? 

12. Abeer: 

This moniker, signifying 'aroma,' is very much utilized among the Muslim populace in India. 

13. Ablah: 

This Muslim name portrays ladies like no other. It signifies 'impeccably framed.' 

14. Adara: 

Adara, signifying 'virgin,' is only ideal for a Virgo child. It likewise turns out to be the name of a person in the "Belgariad" series. 

15. Adilah: 

In Arabic, Adilah signifies 'equivalent.' 

16. Adiva: 

Adiva is one of the special Muslim young lady names. It signifies 'wonderful or delicate' in Arabic. 

17. Aeesha: 

This name is an adaptation of the Arabic name 'Aisha.' It signifies 'fit as a fiddle,' and 'living prosperously.' The most youthful spouse of the Propet Muhammad is named Aeesha. 

18. Afaaf: 

Afaaf, signifying 'unadulterated and virtuous,' would settle on an intriguing decision for your little girl. What's more, it's unprecedented as well. 

19. Afra: 

This natural name, signifying 'shade of the earth,' has attaches with Holy person Afra, the German patroness of fallen ladies. 

20. Ahd: 

The name Ahd, signifying 'promise,' is both enchanting and strange. It was progressively famous during the 60s and rules today as an old work of art. 

21. Ahlam: 

Ahlam signifies 'clever'! What's more, is there any valid reason why you wouldn't have any desire to pick this name? Cleverness is consistently a welcome characteristic. 

22. A'ishah: 

Aishah is a famous name among Muslim ladies. It began from Aisha and signifies 'she who lives' or 'womanly.' 

23. Alima: 

Alima, signifying 'taught or scholarly,' is one of our #1 names in this rundown, exclusively due to its historical underpinnings. 

24. Almas: 

The magnificence of this name probably paralyzed you, yet we're certain you'll make the most of its importance too. Almas signifies 'precious stone.' 

25. Amal: 

You probably saw that Muslim child names make incredible choices for their wonderful and profound implications, and Amal is no exemption. This moniker signifies 'trust.' 

26. Aminah: 

Another excellent however normal Muslim name, Ameena, signifies 'dependable' in Arabic. 

27. Amira: 

This shimmery Muslim name, utilized generally in the Middle Easterner people group, is the female type of Amir and signifies 'lifted up'. 

28. Amtullah: 

On the off chance that you are for the most part searching for a strict name, attempt Amtullah. It signifies 'the female worker of Allah.' 

29. Anam: 

Attempt this basic and customary name, which signifies 'the kindness of Allah.' This Arabic name likewise signifies 'favored.' 

30. Anan: 

Anan is a new, lovable, and adorable Muslim young lady name, signifying 'cloud.' 

31. Anisah: 

The child name Anisah has a touch of persona and sounds absolutely lovable. It signifies 'close, personal, or one who's an old buddy.' 

32. Ayshah: 

Ayshah or Aisha signifies 'living or prosperous' in Arabic. It's anything but a conventional name and was likewise the name of Prophet Mohamed's most youthful spouse. 

33. Aziza: 

Signifying 'amazing' and 'intense,' a young lady named Aziza makes certain to grow up into a protected and tough lady. 

34. Badia: 

We love this exemplary name, since it's one of a kind in itself as well as in light of the fact that it signifies 'special.' 

35. Badriya: 

This moniker might be less well known than the first, however it's similarly, if not more, lovely. Badriya signifies 'full moon.' 

36. Bahameen: 

A surprising Muslim name, Bahameen, signifies 'spring' in Arabic. 

37. Barika: 

Need a name that portrays your little dear consummately? Attempt Barika! It signifies 'bloom' in Arabic. 

38. Basimah: 

Basimah signifies 'grinning.' It's anything but a delightful Arabic name and isn't exceptionally normal by the same token. 

39. Batool: 

We all wish to raise a young lady who is loaded with temperance and has a benevolent heart. Batool is one such name with a charming significance. It signifies 'devout lady.' 

40. Benazir: 

Benazir seems like this name is made for a princess. It signifies 'unique or incomparable.' 

41. Bisma: 

Bisma signifies 'affable' or 'grin' and may be only the name you are searching for to call your little one. 

42. Bilquis: 

Bilquis is another well known Muslim name, which appreciates fame in Western nations as well. Bilquis signifies 'the sovereign of Sheba.' 

43. Bushra: 

This could be an ideal name for your child young lady since it is one of a kind and signifies 'absolute best.' The Arabic name likewise signifies 'uplifting news' or 'hint of something better over the horizon.' 

44. Buqayrah: 

Buqayrah, related with a female Hadith storyteller, is a name wealthy in custom. 

45. Daania: 

On the off chance that you are searching for an uncommon name for your princess, pick Daania, which signifies 'one who is lovely' or 'endowment of God.' You can likewise spell it Daanya. 

46. Daima: 

A novel name, Daima, signifies 'consistently.' It's anything but a name that has straightforwardness at its center. 

47. Daisha

This ladylike Arabic beginning name crested in notoriety in the year 1995. So in the event that you need an unmistakable name for your girl, pick this name, signifying 'alive.' 

48. Daneen: 

This hitting name with an exemplary vibe signifies 'princess.' 

49. Dariya: 

Persian name Dariya feels slick and contemporary without being excessively recognizable. Dariya signifies 'stream.' 

50. Dimah: 

Dimah signifies 'conveying water' in Arabic. It's anything but an extraordinary choice in the event that you are a nature-sweetheart. 

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