Azan Name Meaning

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 Azan name (meaning) significance is Call To Prayer + Power + Strength. Azan is a Muslim kid name and it's anything but an Arabic began name with numerous implications and the related fortunate number is 5. Get appropriate spelling and way to express name Azan.Azan is a Muslim Kid Name. Azan name significance is Muslim Call For Prayer. It has numerous Islamic importance. The name is begun from Arabic.

Azan Name Meaning
Azan Name Meaning

Azan Name Meaning In Urdu & English




Muslim Call For Prayer, Power, Strength



Lucky Number






Lucky Days

Wednesday, Friday

Lucky Colors

Green, Yellow

Lucky Stones


Lucky Metals

Bronze, Copper

Azan Name Meaning & History

Name is the main piece of a person's character that helps him/her to get a personality in the public eye. Naming a child is the great obligation of guardians particularly in the Muslim people group. The Muslim name Azan is loved by everybody in the general public. It's anything but a profound and delightful significance and is well known among guardians because of good character qualities or attributes. Azan name significance in Urdu is مسلمان نماز کیلئے بلاتا ہے and it's anything but a positive effect on an individual's life. 

As per the numerology expectation of the name Hasin, a fortunate number is 5 and it emphatically impacts various spaces of a child's life. This name is started from the Arabic language and loved by everybody. On the off chance that you are searching for a mainstream name alongside great importance, this name is so acceptable in such manner.
Azan is a Muslim Kid name which begins from the Arabic language.Acording to Numerology Expectations, fortunate number for Azan is 5. Azan name significance in english are Muslim Call For Supplication. 

Individuals accepts to have their Fortunate Days as indicated by their names, Wednesday, Friday are Ideal and Fortunate Days for name Azan and fortunate metals are Bronze, Copper for Azan name holders. 

Fortunate tones for Azan are Green, Yellow and Azan name is popular in our names word reference, and has been looked through multiple times, which is 47 thousand one hundred 33 times. 

Azan is recorded in the Young men registry of Young men Islamic names importance segment, and can be looked effectively on the web or you can check in alphabetic "A" of the Young men Muslim names region. There are just about 1676 child Kid names what start with letters in order An in our names segment. You can likewise check the Azan Name importance in Urdu in our Muslim Urdu names region. 

Q. Name's meaning could be a little more obvious. 

Azan name significance in Urdu is (مسلمان نماز کیلئے بلاتا ہے). In English, Azan name importance is "Muslim Call For Supplication". 

Q. What is the Fortunate Number of Azan? 

The fortunate number related with the name Azan is "5". 

Q. What is the religion of the name Azan? 

The religion of the name Azan is Muslim. 

Q. What is the beginning of Azan name? 

The beginning of the name Azan is Arabic. 

Q. What is the favorable shade of the name Azan? 

For the name Azan, the fortunate shading is Green, Yellow.

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