Aabaad Name Meaning

Aabaad Name Meaning In Urdu & English Islamic Baby Boy Name meaning And History, modern Islamic Baby Boys names

Abaad name significance (Meaning) is Slave, Admirer (worshiper) Of Allah. Aabaad is a Muslim kid name and it's anything but an Arabic started name with numerous implications and the related fortunate number is 5. Get legitimate spelling and way to express name Aabaad.it has different Islamic significance, the best Aabaad name importance is Slave, and in Urdu it implies غلام

Aabaad Name Meaning In uru
Aabaad Name Meaning In Urdu

Aabbad Meaning In English




Slave, Worshiper Of Allah







Lucky Number

5 , 7

Lucky Days

Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Colors

Red, Violet

Lucky Stones


Lucky Metals

Red, Violet

Short Name


Name Length

6 Letters and 1 Word

Aabaad Name Significance (Meaning) and History 

Aabaad is a Muslim Kid name According to Numerology Forecasts, fortunate number for Aabaad is 7. Aabaad name significance in English are Slave. 

Individuals accepts to have their Fortunate Days as indicated by their names, Tuesday, Thursday are Ideal and Fortunate Days for name Aabaad and fortunate metals are Copper, Iron for Aabaad name holders. 

Fortunate tones for Aabaad are Red, Violet and Aabaad name is popular in our names word reference, and has been looked through multiple times, which is 35 thousand 200 57 times. 

Aabaad is recorded in the Young men registry of Young men Islamic names significance segment, and can be looked effectively on the web or you can check in alphabetic "A" of the Young men Muslim names region. There are very nearly 1676 child Kid names what start with letter set An in our names area. You can likewise check the Aabaad Name significance in Urdu in our Muslim Urdu names region. 

A delightful and significant name decorates the character of the kid. Aabaad name is a popular Muslim child name which is frequently liked by guardians. Aabaad name significance is "Slave". Aabaad name significance in Urdu is "غلام، بندہ". Numerous individuals with the name Aabaad has acquired acclaim from one side of the planet to the other. 

Names are the wellspring of acknowledgment and a significant name improves the appeal of a person. Certain names carry favorable luck to one's life. As indicated by Numerology Forecast, the fortunate number related with the name Aabaad is "7". Fortunate days for Aabaad name holder are tuesday, thursday. red, violet are the fortunate shading for an individual with Aabaad name. 

Aabaad name holders can pick ruby as their fortunate stones anyway copper, iron are the fortunate metals for this name. This page gives the genuine and elective spellings of Aabaad name. Aabaad name significance in English and Urdu are accessible here. The rundown of celebrities with the name Aabaad can be found on this page. Track down all most recent and popular Islamic child names here.

Aabaad name significance in Urdu is "غلام، بندہ". In English, Aabaad name importance is "Slave". 

For the name Aabaad, the fortunate shading is Red, Violet.

Naming a little infant is significant as it's anything but a lifetime personality to the one. Guardians are more cautious while naming their beloved newborn to give them a positive character. Aabaad is an appealing kid name that is loved by everybody. It's anything but a significant name that portrays the character qualities also. Aabaad name significance is Slave, Admirer Of Allah. It is begun from the Arabic language and is broadly utilized for Kid. 

Picking a name is without a doubt an extreme choice for guardians as it's anything but a ton of shrewdness to name a child. Aabaad is a decent decision of name for a child kid. As per numerological perspective Aabaad name fortunate number is 5 and this name depends on 6 letters and 1 word. Guardians can pick this name for their child as it is probably the best name to give your kid. 

Q. What is the Fortunate Number of Aabaad? 

The fortunate number related with the name Aabaad is "7". 

Q. What is the religion of the name Aabaad? 

The religion of the name Aabaad is Muslim. 

Q. What is the beginning of Aabaad name? 

The beginning of the name Aabaad is . 

Q. What is the propitious shade of the name Aabaad?

Q. Name's meaning could be a little clearer. 

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