Beautiful And Unique Muslim Girl Names For Your Baby ( 100 To 150 )

 Beautiful And Unique Muslim Girl Names For Your Baby ( 100 To 150 )  

101. Huda

This moniker is expanding in prevalence. Huda signifies 'direction to the correct way.' 

102. Huma: 

This name is gotten from a Persian folklore and signifies 'fortunate bird' or 'bird of heaven.' It likewise signifies 'phoenix.' 

103. Humra: 

Searching for a wonderful name for your charming young lady? Consider the name Humra, which signifies 'wonderful' or 'rose.' 

104. Ifra: 

Ifra signifies 'skilled' or 'to fix and further develop something.' This would make an upscale current name for your little one. 

105. Iman: 

In the event that you wouldn't fret utilizing a unisex name for your girl, you can check Iman out, which signifies 'confidence.' 

106. Inaya: 

Inaya is a surprising and fascinating Muslim name, signifying 'concerned,' it likewise signifies 'endowment of Allah.' 

107. Inbihaj: 

Aside from the stunning air of the name, the importance of Inbihaj makes it considerably more flawless. All things considered, who wouldn't adore a name related with 'satisfaction and happiness.' 

108. Insha: 

Insha is an Arabic name, which signifies 'to make,' or 'to communicate.' It very well may be a charming name for your cute child young lady. 

109. Intisar: 

Intisar signifies 'win,' and who doesn't wish to win over every one of the negatives? 

110. Irsa: 

This is an Arabic and Persian name got from the Greek word Iris. Irsa signifies 'rainbow lily,' which is a sort of lily with rainbow-like petals. 

111. Iqra: 

Iqra is a Quranic name that signifies 'read' or 'discuss.' It is supposed to be the principal expression of the Quran sent through the holy messenger Gabriel. 

112. Isbah: 

This name signifies 'light,' and would be an adept name for your little one who has filled your existence with light. 

113. Isma: 

The Urdu name Isma signifies 'shielding' and is one of the well known names among Muslim young ladies. 

114. Jabeen: 

The Persian name Jabeen signifies 'grinning face.' If your little one has the cutest grin ever, naming her Jabeen would be able. What do you think? 

115. Jadwa

This name, signifying 'gift,' falls as per other Muslim names like Hiba or Jada. 

116. Jahara: 

Jahara, the short type of Jahan Ara, would make a fragile, yet solid name for your child young lady. It signifies 'decorating the world.' 

117. Jahida: 

Jahida is an Arabic name, which signifies 'assistant of the helpless' and is one of the well known Muslim young lady names. 

118. Jalilah: 

The two 'l's in the center and 'ah' finishing is giving this name a lovely quality. Jalilah signifies 'famous.' 

119. Jamila: 

Jamila has a few spelling varieties, like Jamilah, Jamilla, and Jameelah. Yet, regardless of how you spell this name, it will consistently solid delightful. Jamila signifies 'smooth.' 

120. Jannat: 

This Arabic rendition of 'heaven' could make a potential child name for your girl. 

121. Jaseena: 

This Muslim young lady name began from Urdu and signifies 'decent heart.' It would be a pleasant name for a child young lady. 

122. Jazeera: 

Perhaps the most mainstream Muslim young lady names, Jazeera signifies 'an island.' 

123. Jazmin: 

Jazmin is one of only a handful few Muslim names that don't end with 'a.' An in vogue name, Jazmin signifies 'jasmine bloom.' 

124. Jumana: 

Jumana is a name that started from the Arabic language and signifies 'silver pearl.' It may not be a typical name, however you might think about it in case you are searching for a one of a kind name. 

125. Kainat

Kainat is gotten from the root word K-W-N and is utilized in numerous spots in the Quran. It signifies 'the universe' or 'all being.' 

126. Kalila: 

In the event that you like names finishing with the relieving 'ah' sound, you should behold this lovable Arabic Muslim young lady name, signifying 'dearest.' 

127. Karimah: 

Karimah, the female type of Kareem, signifying 'liberal,' is one of Allah's 99 names. 

128. Kausar: 

This unisex name is an alludes to Hauzu'l-Kausar, a holy lake called the 'lake of wealth.' Kausar signifies 'plenitude' or 'stream or lake in heaven.' 

129. Khadija: 

Khadija is prestigious for being the name of the main spouse of Prophet Muhammad. It signifies 'dependable.' 

130. Khairah

This Islamic name signifies 'best, 'great,' or 'prudent,' and is one of the one of a kind names to name your child young lady. 

131. Khudrah: 

Khudrah is a Muslim child young lady name that began from the Urdu language and signifies 'plant life.' This could be your decision of name in case you are a nature-sweetheart. 

132. Laila: 

We're fixated on this perfect name. Laila is an Arabic name, signifying 'night.' 

133. Lakia: 

Lakia signifies 'treasure' in Arabic, ideal for your little fortune? 

134. Latifa: 

Latifa is a name that began from the Arabic language and signifies 'delicate' or 'wonderful.' Along these lines, this could be the right name for your blameless minimal one. 

135. Lina: 

Assuming you need your girl to be a pleasant and enthusiastic individual, name her Lina, which signifies 'delicate.' 

136. Liyana: 

Liyana signifies 'non-abrasiveness,' or 'delicacy.' It would be the ideal name for your priceless little dear baby. 

137. Lubena: 

The Urdu name Lubena signifies 'virtue.' Wouldn't it be an adept name for your child young lady who is the apple of your eyes? 

138. Humdinger: 

Isn't it an adorable and lively name? Humdinger is gotten from an Arabic word, signifying 'pearl.' 

139. Lutfiyah

Need an interesting name for your child young lady? Think about naming her Lutfiyah, which signifies 'fragile,' or 'smooth.' This name began from the Arabic language. 

140. Madiha: 

This Muslim young lady name signifies 'applause' or 'appreciation' in Arabic. 

141. Maha: 

Aside from alluding to the shading and state of the wild cow's eyes, Maha additionally signifies 'uncommon gem' or 'spring with clear water.' 

142. Mahala: 

Ladies can do all and a greater number of things than men can! Mahala signifies 'amazing' – a well-suited name for a solid child! 

143. Mahek: 

Assuming you need your child's name to have an enduring effect on individuals, think about naming her Mehak, which signifies 'sweet smell.' 

144. Maheen: 

Here is an ideal name for your sensitive and valuable child young lady. The name Maheen signifies 'sensitive,' 'thin.' 

145. Mahfuzah: 

Young ladies are valuable and should be appreciated and loved. On the off chance that you, as well, feel something very similar about your child young lady, consider the name Mahfuzah, which signifies 'the secured one.' 

146. Mahirah: 

Do you long for your youngster turning into a talented and learned individual? On the off chance that indeed, consider the name Mahirah, which signifies 'talented,' 'capable,' or 'skilled.' 

147. Mahjabeen: 

Is your child young lady as excellent as the moon? Here is a name that is ideally suited for her. Mahjabeen is gotten from the Persian words 'Mah,' which means moon, and 'Jabeen,' which means brow. It tends to be meant 'moon-confronted,' or 'moon-like.' 

148. Mahra: 

This not really normal name is motivated by horse, quite possibly the main creatures in Bedouin culture. Mahra signifies 'filly.' 

149. Malaika: 

Here is an able name for your little one. Malaika signifies 'holy messenger.' 

150. Malala

In case you're searching for a name that comes loaded with history, go for Malala, which is gotten from Malalai, the name of a nineteenth century Afghan political dissident. Another renowned carrier is the Nobel Harmony Prize victor, Malala Yousefzai. Malala signifies 'pitiful or lamented.

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