Beautiful And Unique Muslim Girl Names For Your Baby ( 51 To 100 )

 Beautiful And Unique Muslim Girl Names For Your Baby ( 51 To 100 )

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51. Dunya: 

Dunya is another lovely Muslim child young lady name, signifying 'life.' You can even spell it as Dunia. 

52. Eiliyah

This name started from Arabic and signifies 'in harmony and love with Allah.' It very well may be an adept name for your little one. 

53. Eimaan

Eimaan is a novel and delightful name for your little one. It signifies 'confidence.' Assuming you need a customary yet stylish name, pick this. 

54. Elham: 

Elham signifies 'motivation' in Arabic. 

55. Erum: 

Does taking a gander at your daughter feel like paradise? On the off chance that indeed, think about naming her Erum, which signifies 'paradise.' 

56. Eshal: 

This name would be ideally suited for your sensitive and priceless young lady. Eshal started from Urdu and signifies 'bloom in paradise.' 

57. Esita: 

Running contrary to the natural order of things isn't in every case awful, and Esita simply demonstrates that. This beautiful and infrequently utilized name signifies 'wanted.' 

58. Ezzah: 

Ezzah is an adorable name for your extraordinary young lady. It signifies 'an individual who gives honor and regard.' 

59. Fadilah: 

Likewise spelled as Fazilah, is the female type of Fadil and signifies 'temperate or liberal'. 

60. Fadyaa: 

Fadyaa began from Urdu and signifies 'forfeiting. 

61. Fairoz: 

Fairoz is a stunning name and signifies 'turquoise' in Arabic. 

62. Faizah: 

Faizah, a flawless sounding name, signifies 'triumphant or victor' in Arabic. 

63. Fakeehah: 

Assuming you like names that have a vintage air, you're probably going to venerate this name. Fakeehah signifies 'merry.' 

64. Famya: 

Searching for a name that is alluring and easy to articulate? Pick Famya. It signifies 'great popularity.' 

65. Falak: 

Muslim name Falak signifies 'the sky is brimming with light and is delightful.' It will illuminate even the haziest of the days. 

66. Fareeda: 

Fareeda, signifying 'jewel or valuable pearl,' is a unique Muslim child young lady's name. 

67. Farheen: 

On the off chance that your daughter's giggling illuminates your reality, name her Farheen, which signifies 'glad,' 'blissful,' or 'upbeat.' 

68. Fariah: 

With a name like Fariah, signifying 'companion or partner,' possibly your girl can turn into somebody's closest companion for eternity. 

69. Farrah: 

Muslim child name Farrah, signifying 'joy,' carries a grin to the face at whatever point you hear it. 

70. Farisha: 

Is your child young lady the best part of you? Farisha would be a well-suited name for a particularly excellent holy messenger. Farisha signifies 'the light.' 

71. Faryat: 

Another wonderful name for a child young lady is Faryat. It signifies 'superb daylight.' If your little one lights up your entire world, this is the name for her. 

72. Farzana: 

This name began from Persian and signifies 'savvy,' 'wise' and 'proficient.' It makes a significant well-suited name for your brilliant young lady. You can likewise spell it as Farzana. 

73. Fasiha: 

Fasiha is a name that began from Arabic and is a customary yet a la mode name, signifying 'Abstract and smooth.' 

74. Fatima: 

Fatima is one of those Muslim names that have more clout than others since it's the name of Prophet Muhammad's most cherished little girl. Fatima signifies 'enamoring.' 

75. Fatin: 

Fatin, similar to Fatima, signifies 'enthralling.' 

76. Fawzia: 

In Arabic, Fawzia is another word for 'champ.' It is a one of a kind and present day Muslim young lady name and ideal for current guardians. 

77. Fazluna: 

Gotten from an Arabic word, Fazluna signifies 'a bloom in the desert.' This name is the ideal child name for your adorable little child young lady. 

78. Ferozah: 

Ferozah is an exquisite shading name signifying 'turquoise.' 

79. Fida: 

Searching for a slick name for your girl? Think about naming her Fida. This name began from the Arabic language and signifies 'reclamation or penance.' 

80. Fiza: 

This name has different implications. In certain spots, it signifies 'breeze' or 'wind,' while in different spots, it conveys the signifying 'development or achievement.' 

81. Furat: 

In Arabic, words or modifiers can likewise be utilized as names. Furat, signifying 'sweet water,' is one of the models. 

82. Gazala: 

This exceptional and unique name signifies 'keen and enchanting.' 

83. Ghania: 

Ghania is a Quranic name, signifying 'rich,' prosperous,' or 'independent.' 

84. Ghazal: 

This invigorating and adorable name is able for young ladies who are just about as sweet as verse. Ghazal signifies 'love sonnet — something that is said in a resonant voice.' 

85. Ghusan: 

Ghusan is a recognized, superb, and uncommon name signifying 'parts of a tree.' 

86. Habiba: 

Otherwise called Habibah, this Arabic name signifies 'dearest.' 

87. Hadiya: 

Hadiya has a nostalgic and contacting significance for an infant, 'gift.' Its substitute spelling Hadiyah signifies 'manual for nobility.' 

88. Hafeezah: 

Starting from the Arabic language, Hafeezah signifies 'attendant of the consecrated book' and is perhaps the most mainstream Muslim child young ladies' names. 

89. Hafsah: 

Assuming you figure your young lady will become as fearsome as the lion, name her Hafsah, which signifies 'female lion fledgling, or little lioness.' 

90. Halima: 

This name could address all that your child young lady is. Halima signifies 'delicate,' 'amiable,' or 'liberal' and is of Arabic beginning. 

91. Haiza: 

Is your young lady the eminence of your family? On the off chance that indeed, it is able to call her by the name Haiza, which signifies 'Sovereignty.' 

92. Hakimah: 

The Urdu name Hakimah signifies 'astute' or 'sensible.' It is likewise a name for a 'ruler' or 'sovereign.' 

93. Hameedah: 

Hameedah signifies 'commendable.' This name began from the Arabic language and is a famous Muslim child young lady's name. 

94. Hamra: 

Hamra is a name that started from the Arabic language and signifies 'red,' 'suffering,' or 'lenient.' 

95. Hanan: 

Hanan is both a Muslim name, signifying 'kindness or empathy,' and a male Hebrew name, signifying 'charitable.' 

96. Hanifah: 

Hanifah signifies 'genuine devotee.' It might mean something other than what's expected in different societies. It is gotten from the Arabic language. 

97. Haniya: 

Haniya signifies 'cheerful.' It is an ideal decision for guardians searching for a simple name. 

98. Haseena: 

Isn't Haseena the ideal name for your lovely point? The name Haseena signifies 'lovely, pretty.' 

99. Heena: 

Heena signifies 'henna' in Arabic. Henna is a characteristic piece of Muslim culture around the world. 

100. Hidaya: 

A child name, for example, Hidaya will move your girl to follow the right direction in her life. Hidaya signifies 'guidelines or direction.

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